Yoshino Hinoki Essential Oil - 10ml - @aroma - JB02

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Used frequently in temples since ancient times, the pure, soft scent of Japanese cypress calms the mind.​ ​Ingredients include Hinoki (Japanese Cypress), Hinoki leaf, Cypress, Cedarwood, Pine, and more. 

Some say Hinoki wood smells like air, paper, dry woods, fresh linens, pine needles, and a cup of lemon tea.

A tall, evergreen coniferous tree, the Hinoki cypress hails from southern Japan. The soaring tree is often used for privacy screens because it's so tall, dense and aromatic. It is also a favorite for ornamental plantings, and dwarf forms of this tree are popular for bonsai. Hinoki cypress trees feature globose cones that are 8 to 12 millimeters in diameter. Although dwarf cultivars exist that are just a couple of feet tall, Hinoki cypress trees can grow to be as tall as 130 feet in its native areas.

Aroma oils by @aroma are made from 100% natural ingredients. The company values the intrinsic qualities of natural scents, draws out their latent powers, and uses them to make our living spaces more pleasant and attractive. Humans have been incorporating natural scents into their lives for thousands of years. Natural scents are an indispensable part of our lives. They seep into the psyche just like scenery and music, pleasantly color spaces, and remain in our memories. 

We trust you will enjoy these fully.

DIRECTIONS: Place a few drops of this essential oil on a diffuser or in bath or laundry.

■ Weight: 1.6oz
■ Volume: 10ml / 0.338 fl. oz.
■ Dimensions: 3.0in x 1.25in x 1.25in 

■ Avoid sunlight and store in a cool place.
■ Avoid using or storing near fire.
■ Keep out of reach of children.
■ Do not drink the oil and do not apply directly onto the skin.
■ Securely fasten the cap after each use and use within a year of purchase date.
■ If spilled, wipe immediately as it may damage or discolor surfaces.
■ If the oil comes directly in contact with eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with water and seek immediate medical attention.
■ If you are concerned about your physical condition, such as allergies and chemical sensitivities, consult a health care practitioner before use.
■ Stop using immediately, if you get serious ill during use.