Rose Quartz Small Crystal Point / Tower - Pink Crystal Obelisk - Healing Wand - 2.1"-2.75" - Single - 10204


These stunning Rose Quartz towers are excellent for amplifying the intention of unconditional love. This stone represents infinite love and peace and is essential for healing the heart and heart chakra. This beautiful stone helps attract and induce love, reduce tension, and overcome heart traumas. It is renowned as the best emotional healer, allowing the release and expression of emotions and soothing internalized pain. It helps with self-love and acceptance and allows room for focusing on self-worth. This stone is amazing for aiding in healing a broken heart and learning to love yourself and others without reservation, as well as forgiveness for yourself and those who’ve wronged you.

As these stones are gifts from the Earth, please allow for variances in shape, size, and color.

Dimensions: 2.1-2.75" H x 0.75"/0.5" W (base/top)

Weight: 0.75oz - 1.30oz