Crystal Meditation Singing Bowl 7" - Celestite - G4 - Throat Chakra - by Crystal Tones (TM)

$949.00 $949.00

renoo meditation offers its finest Celestite Crystal Singing Bowl as a gorgeous tool for both meditation and sound healing, made from 99.99% pure quartz crystal by Crystal Tones (TM), making them incredibly resonant. Invite its bell, and the bowl’s peaceful tones will resonate throughout your being and space. Some feel that celestite helps us lean towards more peace and calm for the mind. Set your intention and enjoy the energy.

Crystal Tones' crystal singing bowls are made with a unique, patented manufacturing process. This process makes Crystones' bowls strong and incredibly pure in tone. The maker says that celestite is an angelic alchemy that aids divine guidance and fosters blissful communication with the higher realms. They also emphasize that the heavenly overtones of Celestite attune you to your divine essence. 

Accompanied by a vegan mallet, a suede sticker, and an organic cover bag, this beautiful sound bowl is also eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and mindfully produced.


  • Made from 99.99% pure Celestite quartz crystal
  • Measurements (L x W x H): 7" diameter
  • Tuned to G4
  • Ethically sourced and mindfully produced
  • Ethical, quality materials and workmanship
  • It comes with a vegan mallet and a suede sticker
  • Measurements (L x W x H): 7" diameter
  • Meditation instructor-approved
  • Organic cotton cover bag