Seven Metals Meditation Singing Bowl - 4.5"


Made from gold, silver, copper, brass, mercury, zinc, and nickel, this golden, hand-hammered singing bowl will lead the way into meditation and sound healing. Invite its sound and the bowl’s peaceful tones will resonate throughout your being and bring a little sonic joy to your space.

Accompanied by a wooden mallet, this bowl is eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, and mindfully produced.

It comes with our Organic Support Cushion, made from 100 percent plant-based materials, in your choice of color: air, water, mist, dawn, pebble, teal, meadow, slate, cloud, cosmos, dune, ocean, earth, vanilla, or seafoam.


  • Made of seven metals, sustainably sourced and mindfully produced using ethical, quality materials and workmanship
  • Comes with a wooden mallet and Support Cushion, made from 100 percent plant-based materials
  • Handcrafted in India with final assembly in NYC
  • 4.5” diameter - as it is handmade, size may vary 1/4"
  • Approximately 0.8 lb. incl. mallet and support cushion