Green Apophyllite Meditation Crystal 10049

$249.00 $249.00

This radiant meditation crystal comes from Jalgaon, India, to energize your meditation practice and mindful approach to life. Ethically sourced, this Green Apophyllite Meditation Crystal is presented in a beautiful cluster shape of forms, reflections, and angles. Its green color is flecked with bits of red chalcedony and stilbite, which are all about calming that busy mind and feeling the love, among other traits. In addition to apophyllite’s rep for meditation and clarity, green apophyllite is said to lean towards love, healing, abundance, nature, and feeling grounded.

Green Apophyllite Crystal Cluster with chalcedony and stilbite 
Measurements (L x W x H): 3.250" x 2.750" x 2.000"
Weight: 5.875oz
Ethically sourced
Unique: you will be receiving the one that is pictured 
Related to insight; intuition, vision, love, healing, abundance, calming stress and emotions, feeling grounded
Meditation instructor-approved