Essential Oil Stone Diffuser - Tokoname @aroma - Japan


renoo meditation goods brings you the "TOKONAME" diffuser, made in one of six ancient kilns in Japan and molded and polished by hand. Its soft, round shape gives a natural impression and goes well in any meditation space. The diffuser gently emits an aroma from the flat surface with a few drops of essential oil that you can also source from the renoo shop.

TOKONAME (常滑) city, located in Aichi prefecture, Japan, is famous for ceramic Japanese teapot manufacturing. One of the traditional pottery producers renowned for tea sets and tableware was challenged to make a new genre of ceramic, a "stone diffuser."

There used to be more than 300 ceramic manufacturers in the Tokoname area, but it decreased steadily over the years. This product carries on the Japanese techniques and traditions to the next generation.

NOTE: Essential oil is not included.

Apply 3 - 5 drops of essential oil onto the stone diffuser. The duration of the scent depends on the essential oil used, location, and temperature. Absorption rates of essential oils vary. Add more drops if the scent begins to fade.

CAUTION: oil may come out on the bottom if too much oil is applied. Do not use the product for any other use than aroma diffusion. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not subject the diffuser to strong force and avoid dropping. Rinse with water and ventilate well if the surface becomes dirty.

Material: clay​
Size: 3.5 x 3.1 x 0.8 in
Weight: 0.29 lbs
Product design: Fumie Shibata