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What 'Mindfully Made' Means

What 'Mindfully Made' Means

by Ray Jolicoeur, Founder at renoo & Certified Meditation Teacher

As we consume more products than ever before, the reality of disposable goods is ever present. From fast fashion to mass-produced home goods, apparel and textiles are using up more of the planet's resources than it is possible to replenish. If we want to preserve the environment, mindfully made goods have to move up on our priority list.

At renoo, we work to bring you meditations goods, from cushions to eye pillows to journals, that are purposefully produced. All our materials and labor are entirely traceable, from their origins all the way to your home meditation space. From farm to seat!

renoo label for organic meditation cushion

We work with specialized designers and independent artisans to produce our high-performance, consciously developed meditation goods in small quantities, using mainly organic, quality materials that are super cozy, comfy, and long-lasting. Cruelty-free and sustainable, all our products are made with ethical materials and workmanship, and absolutely no child labor.

renoo meditation goods assembly factory in Brooklyn, NY

Mindfully made clothing, textiles, and home goods need to become a community effort much like the slow food movement. The goal is to inspire, educate, and cultivate a community of like-minded individuals who sell and purchase consciously.

Multiple layers of organic cotton batting placed inside renoo meditation cushions at Brooklyn, NY factory

Photo credit: Ray Jolicoeur

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