Actually Curious Card Game: Human Rights Edition

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renoo meditation goods brings you this thoughtful card game by Michael Tennant. As the company's founder, Michael Tennant worked with psychologists, journalists, and game developers to create this empathy-centered (and incredibly fun) card game. With a focus on conversation and connection, this edition explores questions of background, values, and views on important issues.

Actually Curious is a conversation card game and a movement to spread empathy, created as a tool to build deeper connections between friends and family, and even to yourself, using approachable question prompts. From its creator, Michael A. Tennant, Actually Curious has generated quite a bit of buzz and press over the past few years, even getting a shout-out from Beyoncé on her Black Parade list, and has catalyzed a whole movement around empathy.

The original Curiosity Edition is where the movement to spread empathy began. Based on the science of trust-building and emotional intelligence, this deck has four levels that help you get more vulnerable as you build trust. 

The Human Rights Edition was created to help bring us closer together in these times when we seem so divided. It was curated alongside Human Rights thought leaders and released on the anniversary of the death of George Floyd to aid discussions and uncover the biases and judgments that reinforce discrimination and inequality.


🎨 Beautiful cards: The deck consists of 53 beautiful black cards letting you know where you’re building up to.

📦 Pocket-sized and portable: The size of a standard playing card deck (though anything but the status quo) so you can bring empathy everywhere.

🌿 Eco-friendly & socially conscious: Produced with ethical labor and a sustainable paper supply, we are a family-led, Black-owned business.



The New York Times, Marie Claire, Goop, Refinery29, Hypebae, Cosmopolitan, NBC Today, Apartment Therapy, Bloomberg, Health, Beyonce’s Black Parade, and many more.


It’s simple: Start at the blue card questions, which are easy icebreakers, and work your way up to the most profound questions (the pink cards) meeting each other where you’re at and building trust on the way up.

Your group has to do a blue card to unlock the green level, a green card to unlock the yellow level, and a yellow card to unlock pink.


  • Self-reflection journaling
    Strengthen your self-awareness and empathy

  • Diversity and inclusion workshops
    Facilitate conversations that foster vulnerability and trust

  • Community discussions
    Explore each other’s backgrounds, values, and views on important issues


The Human Rights Edition is the perfect companion for exploring the important topics facing our society and our lives, including social justice, mental health, environmental sustainability, and more.


Material: Paper

Dimensions: 0.67" x 2.68" x 3.66"

Weight: 0.2lbs. or 3.2oz.